Saturday, February 6, 2010

Now is now. Live it.

A friend of mine and I got together for our usual one night a week for drinks at a local pub (we like to pretend we are Lewis and Clark, Explorers of locals pubs and bars in San Diego).

We came across an irish pub called Conways Irish Pub in Carmel Mountain Ranch.  It was an interesting scene.  Renee use to live in Little Italy and has become accustomed to the downtown scene on a Friday and Saturday night where people show up in their snazziest outfit, looking good, and smelling good.  Here, there is a 8:2 ratio of guys and gals, where the men come after a long week of their 9-5er and the women are letting loose.  A good mix of ages ranging from mid 20's to mid 50's.  I'd like to say it was a good crowd.  We were approached by a middle age man that had been there for a few hours.  He was quite amusing, asked how we were, complimented us, told us he would leave us alone and then stood there staring at us for what felt like 10 minutes. We were amused.  The bartender* was amused. 

We typically have our usual talks about our life, relationships, the struggles and what we would like to accomplish for the future.  Lately, it feels like our chats have been about the men in our lives.  For instance, Dee is dealing with her dad and why he picked up and left her mom after 30 years of marriage.  Renee, on the other hand is dealing with a new issue - trust and whether someone you have been with for years can really change.  And I, cannot seem to grasp or hold onto a relationship, dismiss men who are interested and want what I can't have.  We'll save these topics for another time.  But this time, it quickly changed to why can't we just enjoy the present time.  Why do we constantly worry about the future, the changes we need to make and dwell on our unhappiness.  And when the future comes, we'll look back and wonder why we did not enjoy our youth.  We really are okay.  We all have the needs we want and we should appreciate what we do have before its too late.

Here we are, 2 good friends without botox injections, still considered young and fresh, sitting at a bar and enjoying a couple of beers on a Friday night. Life is great.

This is just a reminder when we have our days, because we do and we will dwell, over-think, and worry...
 we need to Live in the Present, Enjoy the Moment and take advantage of our Damn Good Looks!  :)

*How come bartenders, bouncers, and the busboys at the bars start to look so darn attractive?  Its like we want them to save us but they just smile their sweet smile like they understand our pain and that does it for us.

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  1. Live in the moment, appreciate the little things and exercise daily. -Dee