Sunday, February 7, 2010

Online dating. A control freak's best friend and worst nightmare

Online dating. Every single girl (and guy) has contemplated it. Well, Celeste and I decided to bite the bullet and do it. Honestly, we didn't know why we've held back so long! Almost instantly, we were able to put forth our best features, list the qualities we want from guys, and filter out all them bad apples from the good . Gone are the days of having to painfully reject guys who approach you (that uncomfortable, sympathetic face you give to a not-so-attractive guy who taps you on the shoulder to dance). Gone are the days you ask that question: does he like me? Well, he gives me a look every time we pass through the hallways...when is going to approach me already? Online, you don't have to wait: wink at him for god's sake! And since he's on there, you know he's looking for a relationship.

All of a sudden you have CONTROL. Control over what types of guys you want to date, how you want to present yourself, how you want to approach him, and how you want to meet (meeting a guy you've met online- stay tuned). It was exhilarating. I have never dated so often and so many. Oh and ladies, they were all good on paper!

Yes, good on paper. Now the nightmare that comes with online dating. By date 3 (first is awash, you're too nervous to say you'll never see that person again or say he's the one; second is determining whether you stick it out or ditch him), you start to get this annoying feeling that there is something missing. Hello...can you say chemistry?!

All of a sudden you're asking why the hell does he talk like that? Is his neck too short for his head? Why is conversation so damn dull? Why do I feel like a crown jester trying to entertain him...heck, trying to entertain myself? Then, you think: omigosh, does he feel the same way? Am I boring him? Why isn't he calling me?

Why is this so damn hard when I controlled all the variables?!

For a control freak, having what you think is total control and then have it be taken away is much worse than never having it all.

And yet...I'm still online. Hey I'm a control freak and control is, well, my drug.

Apparently now I know the topic of my next post: Control freaks- that's why you're still single.


  1. This is a great blog - Definately entertaining. I can't wait to read the next entry (:

  2. You may be a control freak, but online dating has variables out of your control. Everyone there is looking for a relationship or hook up whatever may be the case, so that's the easy part is getting dates. You only control what you can see on paper, and that can be all BS. You can't control chemistry and people may say something nice, but when push comes to shove what they say is not what they will do. They may say they are a gentleman, and then first date comes along and it's dutch...WTF. There are always diamonds in the rough, and there will be a lot of rough. Good luck...I'm still searching, and yes I'm a true gentleman.

  3. Yes you are Jackson and I love you for it. Notch up?

  4. I agree, it almost comes with more expectations and is harder to tie down completely because they are probably also dating other people and winking at other people if they are "online dating."

    However, there is also the other side of things. I think you can also find the one online as I have seen many people do it before. It may be for some people but not for others but I also think that it is worth a genuine try.

    As they say, you can't put all your eggs in one basket. However, when you don't, you often get confused as to who you REALLY like and who you think would be better for you. Also, when it rains it pours, one week you have like 10 guys on your jock and the next, no one calls, texts, or asks you out and you're like "wtf happened?" I thought online dating was continuous!